About Our Asparagus

We have been growing asparagus on our family farm at Sevenscore, Nr Ramsgate, Kent since 2005.

The asparagus is cut by hand early each day to ensure it is fresh and at its best.  It is quickly brought in from the fields to our cutting room and shop, where it is carefully washed, graded and prepared for sale.  By preparing and chilling our asparagus quickly its quality and freshness is assured.

Why not come and see for yourself, our shop opens at 9 am each morning in season.

As well as supplying our Farm Shop, we also supply many of the best hotels and eateries in the area, along with many top London restaurants.

Our asparagus is sold according to the width of the spears.

Jumbo           -           Min 20 mm
Extra Select   -           16 – 20 mm
Select             -           10 – 16 mm  
Choice           -             6 – 10 mm
Salad             -           > 6 mm
Kitchen          -           Misshapen

The asparagus is sold loose in our shop, so customers can determine the quantity they require.  Boxes containing 5 kg are available.  Larger orders are supplied in these boxes with bulk purchases reducing the price per kg.  Bulk prices start for orders over 10 kg and there is no set limit to the quantity of a bulk order.  Larger orders should be placed in advance for events such as weddings, banquets etc.

Asparagus can also be supplied in banded bundles.  This also needs to be pre-ordered and there is an additional charge of 50p per kg.

Orders for the above can be placed at our shop or by phone or email.

Our asparagus can be purchased in London as it is delivered fresh daily to the main London Markets:-

New Covent Garden 
Harwoods of London Ltd Tel. 020 7720 0800

Sevenscore Farm, Sevenscore House, Sevenscore, Near Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 5DW - 01843 821218

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